What's Next?

Do you know what to do next, why that action is important, and how to get it done?

Executive coach Bobb Biehl has helped hundreds of leaders get focused by teaching them how to answer these three questions.  Who doesn’t want to face each moment with a crystal clear understanding of how to proceed?  Who wouldn’t follow a fog-free leader like this?

Biehl has proven that the key to gaining an unclouded sense of direction is asking profound questions.  Only then can you hope to get actionable answers.  Superficial questions yield meaningless information.  Worst of all, when you ask no questions, you get zero input.

Are these questions profound enough:

For what purpose was I born?
If I could accomplish only one thing in my lifetime, what do I want that to be?  
With these answers in hand, how should I spend my working hours?
At life’s end what one thing do I want to be remembered for?

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  By which metrics do you measure your life?  On the basis of wealth, reputation, possessions, title, ZIP code?

If God exists, and if He’s the Creator of life, would peering at life through His microscope give us the clearest focus on reality?   Ready to take a peek?