What's the Use?

Why are you living at this time in history, on this spot on our planet?  There must be a good reason since design and purpose are embedded in every element of our universe.  Jupiter’s gravity shields us from careening asteroids.  Our precise distance from the sun keeps our water from vaporizing or freezing, making life possible.

Now back to you.  What can you do to make your small corner of the world better off than how you found it?  If that’s too daunting, let’s dial it back a bit, shall we?

St. Paul says God chose to be your Friend because His Son Jesus took your place and mine on the cross as payment for our sins.

So, why are you alive at this time and in this place?  Try this on for size.  God has carefully placed you right where you are and is pulling for you to accept His love by wrapping your arms of faith around Him.  And He has positioned you to invite someone else to do the same.
Could this be God’s design for your highest and best use?