What's Your Question?

WHY do we seem to have more questions than answers?  We flock to those who say what we want to hear.  We read the books they write and sing their songs.  WHICH questions do they answer for us?  WHAT do they tell us about ourselves, about our purpose for taking up shelf space?  WHO are they?  HOW does their influence affect us?

Let’s hear from one who mistook the Messiah for his menace:
“For the message about Christ’s death on the cross
is nonsense to those who are being lost;
but for us who are being saved, it is God’s power.”
Is He the One to WHOM you turn to answer your deepest questions?

“God purposely chose what the world considers nonsense in order to shame the wise, and He chose what the world considers weak in order to shame the powerful. …But God has brought you into union with Christ Jesus, and God has made Christ to be our wisdom.  By Him we are put right with God; we become God’s holy people and are set free.”  1 Corinthians 1:29-30