TO SURVIVE TROUBLED TIMES:  Pray (Speak up) ... Prepare (Stock up) ...  Trust God (Lighten up) ... Give thanks (Look up) ... Never fear (Grow up)
End Fear Here
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When You Wore Your Tulips

On the sea side of the Cascades you know summer’s but a breath away when the tulips explode in blinding colors across Skagit Valley’s fertile flood plain.  Their coming out party anticipates a welcome change of seasons from a cool wet to a briefly dry sunny.

Life has seasons.  Some, warm and welcoming.  Others, cold and off-putting.  Some bring unbridled joy.  Others deliver pain.  Some find us planting, investing.  During others we reap rewards of leaner, sacrificial days.

Are you in the midst of a season at this time?  Is it one that you wish would never end, or that you wish would end with today’s sunset?

Maybe you’re sensing a change of seasons?  A change of your choosing? or of someone else’s?

What do you need to survive this season and be ready for the next?

According to an ancient sage, “To everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.  A time to be born and a time to die.”  Are you prepared?

Maybe this is the season for asking those questions.  

God’s given you tulips to do just that.