Whole Lotta Shakin'

What does it take to convince people to be pro-active?

A recent New Yorker article, “The Really Big One,” says the Pacific Northwest is long overdue for a monster earthquake triggering a Stars Wars-sized tsunami that will wash away everything west of Interstate 5.  Yet only 25% of Seattleites are stocking up or even have a survival plan.

In Revelation, at the end of the Bible, gargantuan upheavals are predicted that will devour millions of earth’s inhabitants.  Unimaginable devastation will accompany God’s judgment for mankind’s sin.

But in Psalm 91 God promises those who have a faith relationship with Him need not fear.  “Because you love Me, I will rescue you.  I will protect you because you know My name.  When you call to Me, I will answer you.”

Your preparedness kit has been pre-paid.  God’s lines are now open, awaiting your call.  And it’s toll-free.