Who's Your Friend

We pull up in front of the inviting, vintage 1907, Craftsman Style home.Longtime friends are gathering to celebrate the 50th anniversary of that happy pair on the porch.

Once inside this cozy, artfully detailed residence we swap tales of how and when we first met our honored couple.  Their adult children and grandchildren are astonished that some people actually live that long.

Have you been gifted with a tried-and-true friendship?  When’s the last time you told that dear heart how much they’ve enriched your life?

That ancient, yet timeless Book of Wisdom introduces a Man calledJesus who promises to never leave you, never forsake you, to stick closer than a brother.  He spoke the light years-old universe into being.  If that weren’t enough, He created you, loves you, knows your name, even died for you.  

Are you His friend?  Is He yours?  If so, as James Taylor puts it, “Now you’ve got a Friend!”  You know what I’m sayin’?