Winging It

Silhouetted against a robin’s egg-blue sky, a majestic bald eagle is carving sweeping figure-8’s.  Another eagle, perhaps its mate, glides toward the first.  Nearly touching wingtips, they catch an updraft and race out over Puget Sound before returning side-by-side, their white crowns gleaming.  Now and then they wave their wings to piggyback a passing zephyr and float along the next leg of their magic carpet ride.

The One who created this aerial ballet provisions them daily with food and feathers.  Not one dies until He gives the okay.  He also knows your name and the number of your days.  That’s why He says …

“Don’t sweat what you’ll eat, where you’ll sleep and what you’ll wear.  I’ve got the backs of each flying, crawling and swimming critter, and I’m able to care for you.”

Have you tucked your trust under His wings so that one day He’ll scoop you up in His grandest updraft yet?