Your Irregular Person

Who is really hard for you to love?  Someone who’s as communicative as a sphinx, as emotional as an iceberg.  Does your robot have a steel heart?  Or does he or she really care for you but is too wounded to show it?

How can you cope with this?  Well, anger comes to mind.  The silent treatment is an option.  Or you could just delete this person from your life.

What if we look at this dilemma through God’s eyes?  His counsel?  It’s okay to be angry – just don’t cross the line into sin.  Love your enemies.  Do good to your persecutor.  God says, “Chill.  I’ll handle the vengeance piece.”

It’s the goodness of God that attracts us to Him, not retaliation.  Your enemy doesn’t have skin on because your real adversary is Satan.

Your role with your irregular person?  Bless ‘em, don’t blast ‘em.

So, whaddya think?