You're Now Free

If you want to fly from our Atlantic seaboard to the West Coast, you must buy a ticket.  You'll probably want to stop delivery of the newspaper (remember them?) and the mail.  Don't forget to pack your bags.  Get yourself to the airport, successfully emerge from scrutiny with your dignity intact, and, oh yes, board the plane.  The pilot takes over from there.

Ah, but preparing for your final flight across the skies, should you choose the skyward destination, is much less complicated.

Forget the legalistic, religious hoop-jumping and just say something like "Lord, be merciful to this sinner.  I gladly accept Your forgiveness of my sin, and, thanks to Your Son Jesus, I'm now ready for take-off."

Over your "inner calm" will come this comforting voice.

"Well done, my child.  You're now free to move about the heavens."

Oh, and don't forget to confirm your reservation.