Sean Dunn Founder & President

If you and I worked for General Motors whose mission is to make the world’s finest automobiles, it would behoove us to get on board with that as our mission too. God’s Son said He came to earth “to seek and to save those who are lost.” In other words, those who are not on board with His mission. SEAN gets it!

Since 2016 his innovative, online evangelism, while saturating social media, has welcomed more than 200,000 “lost” souls to God’s family. If this continues to grow at its current, year-over-year pace of 85%, his organization, Groundwire, will have led one million people to place their faith in Jesus Christ by the end of 2022.

His video commercials are being viewed some 30,000,000 times per month! More than 200,000 viewers click through to his websites, and, and as many as 700 of them accept Jesus DAILY!