Chapter 21

B.I.B.L.E. = Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

Four sportswriters might profile the Mariners' inscrutable right fielder, Ichiro Suzuki, from different angles -- his quirky batting style, lightning speed, flame-thrower arm, or stratospheric success at bat with the sacks juiced.  Four looks, same Ichiro.  

The Bible's four gospel authors cover Jesus differently.  Matthew does Christ as King.  Mark, Christ as Servant.  Luke, Christ the Son of Man (God in human flesh).  John, Christ as the Son of God (the God-Man, fully human yet fully divine).  Four lenses, same Jesus.

John states that Jesus is God, the Key to life, the One who died that we might live forever forgiven!  Either we buy John's assertion that God loves us sinners and offers us eternal life instead of eternal punishment.  Or we don't.  No wiggle room.