TO SURVIVE TROUBLED TIMES:  Pray (Speak up) ... Prepare (Stock up) ...  Trust God (Lighten up) ... Give thanks (Look up) ... Never fear (Grow up)
End Fear Here
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Andre Benjamin

Executive Coach & Publisher

Executive Coaching & Marketplace Media
As an Executive Coach:

  • I give underdogs (all of YOU that have been classified as Underutilized, undervalued and underestimated) the tools, frameworks, strategies, paradigms that YOU need to break through: barriers, bottlenecks, constraints and self-limiting beliefs that have held YOU back unleash their full potential in their domain of responsibility.
  • Our Seminars are an environment that establishes clarity for YOU the entrepreneur to execute with confidence in YOUR distinct capabilities. 
  • Our books, courses and Show are a means for YOU CEOs to get an infusion of wisdom to become more effective in YOUR organizations and make direct impact with the newly acquired wisdom from our resources. 
  • I coach Small to Midsized Founders, Franchise Owners, Marketplace Executives, Administrators & Lead Teachers.
  • If that’s YOU contact @ceoofdestiny