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Jeff Kemp

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Do you feel alone or energized when facing a tough challenge? Is your team growing together or apart? Do they have what it takes to fulfill your vision? Do you know how to lead them to success, while succeeding in the most important place…at home? His childhood home was an intersection of some of the world’s most influential leaders. As an NFL quarterback for 11 years, Jeff is a battle-hardened leader who helped teams turn trials into triumphs.

When conflicts arise, do you see opportunity or trouble? Does pressure drive you toward or away from the problem? Are you defining yourself by performance, appearance and comparison to others, presuming they’re more successful and happier than you? Who defines your identity? Who and what inspires you to give your very best, personally, professionally, relationally and spiritually? Jeff is an excellent listener, trainer and speaker, but hits his sweet spot as a Soul Coach for leaders.

Special New Year's note from Jeff:
Our interview on the Huckabee Show aired on TBN
Saturday 1/1/22 at 8 pm eastern &
Sunday 1/2/22 at 9 pm eastern.
  Located on Huckabee
 (YouTube 6 minute segment)