James Donaldson

Your Gift of Life Foundation | Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention

Bending backward at a perilous angle to take in the full stature of this handsome, human skyscraper, you’re thinking, “This guy’s got it all!  No way can he relate to my problems.”    At 7’2” James Donaldson has the sculpted frame of an Olympian. And a brilliant mind with decades of entrepreneurial savvy. He’s run for mayor of our once reserved, now unraveling City of Seattle.

The big fella was an NBA All-Star, suiting up 16 years for the Seattle Sonics, San Diego Clippers, Dallas Mavs, New York Knicks and Utah Jazz. One dark day not that long ago James landed in the hospital where he blacked out for almost a week.  His cardiologist said he should have bought the farm then.  Next came one tragic turnover after another.  His ravishingly beautiful wife walked, without a goodbye note, taking her young son.  He declared bankruptcy and lost a business he’d loved and owned for several decades.  Forced to sell his classic home for some 31 years, James began planning to end it all.  

To learn how this is turning out for Gentleman James, visit his new Foundation’s website.  His story, in detail, is a must read in his new book, Celebrating Your Gift Of Life.  Would you like to contact this man who has Goliath’s physique and David’s heart?