Incomparable Jesus


By John Stott

More than 2,000 years ago there was a Man born contrary to the laws of nature. He laid aside His purple robe for a peasant’s tunic. He was rich, yet for our sake He became poor. This Man lived in poverty and was raised in obscurity.  He received no formal education and never possessed wealth or widespread influence. He never traveled extensively.  He seldom crossed the boundary of the country in which He lived.  

But this Man’s life has changed the course of history. In infancy He startled a king. In childhood He amazed religious scholars. In manhood He ruled the course of nature, walked on stormy waves and hushed the raging sea to sleep. He healed multitudes without medicine and made no charge for His services. He never practiced psychiatry, yet He has healed more broken hearts than all the doctors far and near. He never wrote a book, yet His life has inspired more books than any other man. He never wrote a song, yet He has furnished the theme for more songs than all songwriters combined. He never founded a college, but all the schools put together cannot boast of having as many students.  

He never marshaled an army. He never drafted a soldier or fired a gun, but no leader ever had more rebels surrender to Him without a shot fired. Herod could not kill Him. Satan could not seduce Him. His enemies could not destroy Him.  The grave could not hold Him.  After three days He rose from the dead, aliveforevermore.  He is the ever-perfect One, the Christ, the Son of the living God. This Man stands forth upon the highest pinnacle of heavenly glory, proclaimed by God, acknowledged by angels, adored by His people and feared by demons as the risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.