Recommended Viewing

For your enjoyment, enlightenment and enrichment we’ve gathered some brilliant presenters who will add robust value to your mind, emotions and will.  It’s almost frightening to ponder the extent of your personal growth if you could dedicate just 15 minutes a week to making your way through this invaluable cache of videos.

Amazing Greats

The Amazing Greats podcast features interviews with well-known athletes, authors, actors, musicians and other influencers. Our guests share their amazing career and life stories and how God has impacted their journey every step of the way. Hosted by “His Deal” regular and retired radio guy Ric Hansen.


Andy Toles at The Fellowship

Andy Toles addressed The Fellowship in Seattle, May 12, 2022. Topic: "Seattle-Beijing-Jerusalem: Their Interlocking Roles"

Bible Studies

Rod Handley, Founder/President of Character That Counts, has scouted the ranks of the finest speakers who elevate our thoughts and inspire us to make positive changes in how we relate to God, our family, friends and the world. Scores of teachers and topics are giant opportunities for your personal growth through his weekly TGIW (Teaching God's Infinite Wisdom) gatherings.

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Spiritual Life

Life is Like a Yo-Yo by Michael Lee

Bob Mortimer's Handy Cap by Ichabod Caine

Life Without Limbs by Nick Vujicic

Do You Know God by Nick Vujicic

Unlocking Your True Potential – Dealing with Your Roadblocks by Bobb Biehl

Understanding Your Uniqueness – How to Maximize It by Bobb Biehl

Jesus Christ and the World

2015 Puyallup Kiwanis Prayer Breakfast | Steve Ridgway


How does fatigue affect leaders? by Bobb Biehl

What are the three biggest sources of stress for leaders? by Bobb Biehl

Why should a leader write down the sources of his stress? by Bobb Biehl


Chuck and Barb Snyder

They wrote the widely-acclaimed Incompatibility: Grounds For A Great Marriage and claim to be “The World’s Most Opposite Couple.” You’ll seesaw from laughter to tears as you read their practical, direct and creative advice, delivered with humor and sensitivity!

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Asking Questions

12 Questions Guaranteed To Energize People
Guest post by Dan Rockwell with thanks to Bob Tiede at "Leading with Questions" (reposted with permission)

45 Great Leadership Panel Questions
Guest Post by Kristin Arnold with thanks to Bob Tiede at "Leading with Questions" (reposted with permission)

365 Thought Provoking Questions to Ask Yourself and Others in 2023
Guest Post by Marc and Angel Chernoff with thanks to Bob Tiede at "Leading with Questions" (reposted with permission)

The Art of Asking Powerful Questions and 51 Powerful Questions to Ask in Different Situations
Guest post by Sumit Gupta with thanks to Bob Tiede at "Leading with Questions" (reposted with permission)

Why is asking questions so critical to understanding people? by Bobb Biehl

Stress Relief

How does my perspective impact the way I handle stress? by Bobb Biehl

What is the role of a trusted friend in handling our stress? by Bobb Biehl