Recommended Websites

Beginning in 1991 with one website, there are more than 1 billion now.  To save you the trouble of sifting through all of them, we’re suggesting a few for your review.  As you explore them, may you grow in the wisdom imparted by God’s Holy Spirit who came to live in us, to remind us of what Jesus Christ taught while on earth and to lead us into all Truth.

The sole purpose of this resource website is to encourage God’s people to share Jesus’ Good News through more effective collaboration and communication.

Read articles, order books, CDs and/or DVDs, learn about upcoming conferences. The Love & Respect DVD series would be great for small group use.

Resources plus information on Weekend to Remember Conferences.

Resources plus counselor referral service for Christian counselors in your area.

YouVersion creates Bible-centered appointments to build intimacy and transform lives.  It’s everything you need to integrate God moments into the rhythm and architecture of your days.

Ray Stedman is the pastor to pastors around the world.  He knows his way through the Bible like you know the way to your refrigerator.  His own intimate relationship with the Savior will open your mind and heart to authentic Christianity!  The Bible comes alive as you and Ray explore its riches together.

Dedicated to providing trustworthy information to skeptics and seekers, this site also serves followers of Christ who need reliable answers for themselves or others.  Truth alone brings genuine freedom from attempts to seek “the God we want,” not “the God who is.”  Saving faith in the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the only way to join God’s eternal family.

Does it seem nobody thinks you’re important enough to stay in touch with?  If only an old friend or family member cared enough to check in.  Sure, you can connect with the masses who wander the Internet, but you still feel alone, looking for love.  The good news is – your search ends here.  Because Jesus Cares.

Why does it feel like nothing is real in this charade we call life?  Even people you thought were in your corner seem like such phonies.  It’s so hard to deal with fakes. But this is no time give up.  Someone standing just outside the door of your heart knows the real you, knows why you were born, and knows that you are loved so much more than you’ve ever dreamed. You are absolutely not a mistake.  There’s help!  There’s hope.  When life hurts, Jesus cares.

Chuck Swindoll has been simplifying what God’s Holy Spirit wants everyone to understand as they read the Bible.  His folksy delivery belies his brilliant grasp of the great truths and mysteries in the Scriptures.  Thanks to this master communicator, people of all ages all over the world are growing in their knowledge of who God is and who He lovingly says they are becoming.

Since 1933 The Navigators have been helping people get to know Jesus and to make Him known.  Aligned with Christ’s parting challenge to His team, this Colorado-based organization is devoted to helping people learn from Jesus while, as His disciples, becoming more like Him.  To that end, The Navs offer tools and an online resource library.

Building indestructible bridges of storm-weathering friendships is not like breezing through an automated car wash.  Young Life knows it takes time, patience, humility, persistence and a clear call from God to earn the trust of today’s youth.  Perhaps you know youngsters who might be ready for some fun adventures while acquiring skills to use all of their lives.  Along the way they’ll be nurtured and guided by adults who want nothing more than to see the kids fall in love with Jesus, the One who loves them most.

Since 1951 when Campus Crusade for Christ began at UCLA, this vibrant, global community has been linking people to Jesus in all cultures. Cru’s  “JESUS” film is shown in more than 1,700 languages and in every nation in the world. To date, it’s had more than 8 billion exposures of the Gospel with more than 570 million total estimated decisions for Christ.  Do you have family or friends who have not yet surrendered by faith to Jesus?  Cru will help you reach them, in love, before it’s too late.

Robert Morris is the sort of guy you’d like to have over for a backyard barbecue.  This rangy Texan pastor is hilarious.  He knows his Bible, and when he dives into it, it’s party time!  His books and hundreds of radio and TV programs are like Lay’s potato chips.  There’s no way you can bag it after just one.  And get ready for this straight-talking Texan to ask you, “What does God see when He looks at you?”

Missions Fest Seattle’s annual conference presents an exciting, inspiring and challenging view of how God is working around the world in these very unique times.  Enjoy rousing speakers and lively, informative seminars (Jeff Kemp, Ed Rush and others) along with international music and prayers for every nation around the world.