Risk Takers


"I want to live well. I want to reach the end of each day and know that I have really lived. Somehow, I want to grab the cup of life and drink from its draughts, tasting the grandeur of every moment and the potential of every encounter. I want to live as if change is really possible, so that I can see the unique and wondrous beauty in others. I want to find the green shoots of life in my community and water them with love, feed them with faith and nurture them with hope.  I want to be a character that is painted in the masterpiece called 'The Adventure of Life,' a note played in the Master's symphony entitled 'Being Truly Alive.' I want to go to bed each night knowing that I made a difference.

“I don't want to paddle in the shallows of existence; I want to swim in the ocean of being alive. I want to be a ‘You can do it’ guy, a ‘Have a go’ kind of friend, a ‘You were made for this’ encourager; I want my enthusiasm for life to be like a virus that infects those I know and those who love me.

“I want the church I am a part of to be known as a community where dreams are born and destinies are fulfilled.  I want it to be like a maternity ward for vision. I want my life to be used like a rag to wipe away the dirt that has obscured the breathtaking beauty of God. I want people to be able to see Him for who He really is. I want my life to point to someone. I want to make a difference.

“For all of that to be true, however, I must learn to take risks. So I want to be a risk taker. In fact, if the truth be told, I want to be part of a band of risk takers who change the world."

Malcolm Duncan, Founder and Director
Church and Community
Buckinghamshire, England